Real estate entails real property, land, and everything in it, including underground and air rights. A real estate company buys and sells the property on behalf of the owner. In return, they receive commissions for each successful transaction. For instance, when you come across a banner written apartment for sale Dubai, an estate agent is behind the advert.

Working in this industry has no typical role. The company's agents socialize with new people, travel to different places, and change gears according to the needs of various clients. Since the roles in the industry vary depending on the type of client, duties are categorized into administrative, research, and marketing.


The administrative department of a real estate company is responsible for preparing official documents for the company and clients, as well as taking care of any official business for the company. Here are some of the administrative roles of the company.
• Responding to phone calls, emails, and texts
• Creation and distribution of promotional materials, including listings, newsletters, and flyers
• Processing leases, agreements, and other associated documents
• Developing marketing plans
• Coordinating appointments, meetings, showings, and opening and closing of properties
• Creating budgets for all operations
• Updating profiles and status in social media and websites
• Updating databases
• Creating reports on comparative market analysis.


The research department is responsible for:
• Performing market analysis in the industry
• Following what's trending in the market and the best practices
• Searching for properties in listings

These companies need to promote and establish their brand. They need to develop and execute strategies to expose them to potential clients. Therefore, the management department needs a huge investment to increase visibility in the market. Marketing responsibilities include:
• Developing and distributing promotional messages
• Connecting with businesses and potential clients
• Creating advertising campaigns
• Creating a high presence in social media
• Building promotional sites such as websites and blogs

Real Estate Companies and Sellers

These companies are responsible for selling properties on behalf of their owners. The company has to network with the potential clients by:

• Meeting potential clients
• Doing thorough market research to fix a reasonable asking price
• Understanding the sellers' needs
• Demonstrating knowledge, negotiation, and marketing skills
• Taking property's photograph for listing presentation
• Marketing property listing
• Suggesting property updates
• Staging homes perfectly
• Suggesting potential clients
• Supervising open house and showings
• Advertise the property

Further Responsibility to Buyers

Clients that need to buy properties may need an estate agency intervention to determine the price range and requirement. Therefore, a company might:
• Coordinate open houses in person and online
• Search for appropriate properties
• Meet with potential buyers
• Interview and understand the buyers' prospective
• Schedule showings
• Negotiate deals on the buyers' behalf
• Conduct inspections and appraisals
• Share local housing market with potential buyers
• Help clients in the mortgage approval
• Show properties
• Attend closings, loan meetings, and inspections with the client
• Review contracts and documents
• Guide the client on every process


A real estate company administers both administrative and profitable activities. As a result, they have to meet with clients, have some time in the office, show homes, and work on negotiation terms. All in all, an estate agency is all about connecting with buyers and sellers.