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Advice for both beginners and professionals

Advice for both beginners and professionals

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You’ve finally planned to become a homeowner and buy a property. Or you want to sell your house to build a new one. Or you have been transferred and have to find a new home…Whatever your real estate project, it cannot be improvised. Real estate sale, buying a house or apartment, renting or putting it up for rent, each project involves specific steps that you need to know about.

But how do you buy a house? How to sell a property? How to find the right tenant? How to make a successful search for a rental? How to find a student rental quickly? If you are asking yourself these types of questions, then this website is for you!

series of questions that it is useful to ask oneself

Every real estate project begins with a series of questions that it is useful to ask oneself.

real estate advice

Don’t panic: you’ve come to the right place since we provide you with useful real estate advice.

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Real Estate Investor Profit allows you to benefit from reliable information, based on a real legal expertise.


Owner, landlord, tenant, student: details about your rights and duties are all gathered here!

Real estate legal principles and issues

Real estate legal principles and issues

Although any real estate project involves numerous steps, each of them also requires a good knowledge of one’s rights and duties, whatever one’s situation and status.

  • You are an owner-lessor: the property put up for rent must comply with many standards.
  • You are a tenant: you are subject to various obligations that it is essential to know so as not to have any surprises during your inventory of fixtures when you leave.
  • You are a buyer: are you aware of the regulations in force that protect you when you purchase a property?
  • You are selling a property: have all the compulsory property diagnostics been carried out?
  • You are a student: while you are an ideal target, avoid scams by being aware of the obligations of a lessor.

Financing your project

How to establish your real estate financing plan?

Before buying a property, establishing a provisional budget that is as accurate as possible is a must! The aim behind this is to better target your search and to balance your finances over the long term.

Your main objective is to see clearly when it comes to your budgetary capacities and to aim well in relation to the amount that you will be able to devote to your investment. Thus, by concentrating your research on properties in adequacy with your means, you will avoid loss of time and disappointment.

Real estate professionals

Finding the right professional

Finding the right professional

It’s not easy to find your way among all these real estate professionals! By reading the opinions of others, you save a lot of time! Similarly, your testimony can also guide the choice of other individuals.

Get advice from professionals

Avant de vous lancer dans un PROGRAMME D’INVESTISSEMENT IMMOBILIER , vous devez avoir une image claire du marché. Pour ce faire, vous pouvez consulter les études publiées par des spécialistes, des réseaux d’agences, etc. Cependant, rien ne vaut une enquête de terrain, évidemment !

Be methodical in your research

Be methodical in your research

In terms of property search, fyou will need to make a list of your requirements: comfort, neighbourhood, transport… Make sure that you express your wishes clearly, in order to avoid wasting time.

Our advice for a successful rental!

How can you save money on your work? What are the rules of the tenant – owner relationship to be aware of? How can you lower your home’s energy bill? What loans are available to choose from and according to what criteria? How can you better manage your assets? We share our advice and recommendations in depth with all our readers and ensure they’re well equipped.

Our advice for a successful rental
Our advice for a successful rental